Tips for running in Cold Weather

Tips for running in Cold Weather

Choose fresh snow over ice or packed snow. You will get better traction on fresh snow and reduce the chance for slipping. Watch out for snow-covered cracks and holes in the road.

Shorten your running stride and keep your feet lower to the ground. You will run more efficiently and reduce the risk of slipping, falling or straining muscles.

Throw your planned pace out the window and slow down. It is better to focus on getting in a solid run safely than to hurry pace and risk getting hurt. It’s also okay to cut your mileage short in snowy conditions. You’ll be working a lot harder than your normal runs and the intensity will be much higher.

You may be sore in muscles you didn’t even know you have. Running in snow and ice requires your stabilizing muscles on the inner and outer legs to work twice as hard as they work to keep you upright. Focus on full body flexibility exercises and ease your way into snow running.

When in doubt, walk through an icy stretch. It beats getting hurt slipping on ice. You can also slow down and use a gliding skating step as well.


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