Are you faster than a Celebrity ?

Are you faster than a Celebrity ?

20 Celebrity Marathon Runners

Compare your times to the rich and famous who have also done the 26.2 mile adventure. Here’s our list in no particular order !


Jedward (Irish Pop Duo) 4:03 & 4:17

Lucan’s own John and Edward Grimes ran the Los Angeles Marathon back in 2012. The hyperactive duo completed the 26.2 run off minimal training and little sleep they claimed. Both are former Dundrum South Dublin runners. There are rumours the runners in the vicinity of them failed to finish due to severe migraines…



Katie Holmes (Actress) 5:29

Former Mrs. Cruise completed the 2007 New York City Marathon looking strong and surprisingly unsweaty. Perhaps Tom asked her to stop around the corner to touch up her make-up, we don’t know.



Eddie Izzard (Comedian) 5:00

In 2009, Eddie Izzard not only ran a marathon, he ran 43 marathons in 51 days (after just five weeks of training!) to raise money for Sport Relief in the UK. His times may not have been ground breaking but his achievement is definitely something to be proud of. There’s a bit of a Forrest Gump in him somewhere.



Oprah (US TV Personality) 4:29

Back in 1994 she ran the Marine Corps Marathon. Sadly the face of US chat show television doesn’t run as fast as she talks but still posted a very good time 20 years ago.



Tommy Tiernan (Comedian 5:45

The Navan Wildman completed the Dublin Marathon back in 2007 Down Syndrome. The man who describes himself as the Aldi looking version of Roy Keane increases the Irish representation in our list of celebrities to five. We’re sure he spun a yarn or two to his fellow athletes en route.



Sean “P. Diddy” Combs (Rapper)  4:14

Sean Combs entered the New York City Marathon in 2003 and he also raised over $2 million for children’s charities and New York City public schools



Will Ferrell (Actor) 3:56

The world’s 2nd most favourite Anchorman after our own Bryan Dobson has done a number of marathons now. His best time came in the 2003 Boston Marathon.  The frequent visitor to Ireland claimed afterwards “Running a marathon is not a question of whether it will be painful, but when it will be painful”. Well said !




Nell McAndrew (Glamour Model) 2:54

This extremely quick lady came in 2nd fastest person on our list. The former glamour model proved that she has the grit and determination along with a pretty face to grind out the hallowed SUB THREE. She did this on her home patch of London in 2012.




Ryan Reynolds (Actor) 3:50

Actor Ryan Reynolds ran the 2008 New York City Marathon to raise money for Parkinson’s in honor of his father, who suffered from the disease.





Lance Armstrong (Former Cyclist) 2:46

The disgraced 5 times winner of the Tour de France completed the New York Marathon in 2 hours 46 mins. He has since been banned from competing from all competitive sports for doping so you be won’t be seeing him at the start line of your local Parkrun in the near future.




Edward Norton (Actor) 3:48

Norton took his training very seriously and took in some high altitude training in Kenya for his pre-race preparation. Such luxuries that wouldn’t be available to your average club runner in Ireland. They’d have to settle for a wet Sunday doing repeats up the Sugar Loaf in Wicklow instead. Norton ran the 2009 New York City Marathon to raise money for the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust.




George W. Bush (Former US President) 3:44

The 43rd President of the United States completed the 1993 Houston Marathon. The course must have been well signposted as Mr. Bush didn’t get lost along the route and end up in Delaware…
“I learned that running can make you feel 10 years younger the day of the race and 10 years older the day after the race.” These pearls of wisdom are from the same man that also claimed…     “more and more of our imports come from overseas”


Pamela Anderson (Actress) 5:41

The former Baywatch babe and Playboy playmate completed the New York Marathon back in 2013. Tommy Lee’s ex-squeeze bounced her way to a sub 6 time and thankfully didn’t ‘melt’ in the humid conditions.




Anthony “Goose” Edwards (Actor) 3:55

Tom Cruise’s Top Gun wingman completed the classic distance way back in 2003 on the windy streets of Chicago. He blasted his way through the danger zone, ran straight through the dreaded wall but may have lost that lovin’ feeling for running as he doesn’t seem to have done another marathon since.



Gordon Ramsey (TV Chef) 3:36

The foul-mouthed chef posted a very respectable time in LA in 2010. The man is more used to cursing in the kitchen than pounding the pavement but has run more marathons since so has been bitten by the running bug. No doubt the air was blue in the final few miles but he still posted a very good time.




Flea (Musician) 3:53

The Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist is one of the most surprising additions to our list. He ran the Los Angeles Marathon 4 years ago in 2011.



Ronan Keating (Musician)  3:59

The Boyzone singer ran the 2008 London Marathon for his mother’s charity, Marie Keating Foundation. Former bandmate Keith Duffy is also a keen runner but has yet to attempt the distance.



Jenson Button (F1 Driver) 2:58

The man who is more used to the straights of Silverstone posted an excellent sub 3 time in the Hawaiian marathon in 2009.  He also has the distinction of being the 3rd fastest person on our list of which he is very proud !!


Edwin van der Sar (Retired Footballer) 4:19

The former Manchester United, Juventus and Fulham goalkeeper ran the New York Marathon back in 2011. Surprisingly few ex-footballers seem to have run marathons.


Declan Moffatt (DNF)

Sadly the Glenamaddy native failed to finish the Southampton Marathon a few years ago. He managed to stay with the leaders for the first 4 miles but then realised if he didn’t come to an abrupt stop he was going to die. See the video below for Tommy Tiernan’s description of events…