10K Training Plans

10K Training Plans

Ten kilometres is a very popular racing distance. Many runners start by entering a 5K, then shift upwards to the 10K (10,000 metres, or 6.2 miles) en route to a marathon. Or they begin at the marathon and look downward, realising they can improve their speed and race more frequently at 10K distances. 10K races are fun to run and easy to race. Unlike marathons, you don’t need to spend 18 weeks training specifically for them, and recovery time is measured in days, not weeks. Let’s start to train. If this is your first 10K race, or race at any distance, pick the Novice Training Plan. If you are an experienced runner looking for a gentle plan, do the same. If you are looking for more of a training challenge, move up to Intermediate. The most experienced runners, those of you who don’t shy away from interval training or tempo runs, probably would be happiest with Advanced.

More and more fitness walkers also are participating in running races, starting at the back of the pack and covering the distance a bit slower than if they had run, but still enjoying the experience. Many of these walkers eventually become runners, or continue to walk, a great way to build and maintain fitness. For the full 8-week 10K Training Plans, click on the links below. On these screens, you will also find instructions on how to do the different workouts.

10k Novice Training Plan
This is a entry level plan for people who have not run the 10K distance before.
Click here for 10K Novice Training Plan

10k Intermediate Training Plan
This plan is designed for runners that have completed 10K races before and are looking to improve on their current PB.
Click here for 10K Intermediate Training Plan

10k Advanced Training Plan
This is for the serious runner that wants to push themselves harder than before.
Click here for 10K Advanced Training Plan